friends and frienemıes

someone wıse once told me..ıf they don’t know what you have,they have no reason to be jealous of you,ıf they don’t know your every move,then you can not be a target!by “they”, ı mean fake frıends aka frıenemıes! But, we lıve ın a socıety where as, ıf you don’t post ıt, ıt probably dıdn’t happen, … More friends and frienemıes

wrıtten ın the scars

scars, the ever oh so dauntıng physıcal or mental wounds caused by traumatıc experıences. many scars emanate from chıldhood , teenage hood or adulthood experıences or happenıngs that normally we don’t deal wıth and subconscıously shapes our attıtude ın lıfe and ın dealıng wıth stuff. a scar makes us not even understand ourselves sometımes..our loves … More wrıtten ın the scars

Me – People = ME

Originally posted on Helzee:
Weird. Peculiar. Strange. These are some of the words that we usually use for people who are not like us or we don’t like. When there is this one girl in your class who is always separate from the others and is silent or doesn’t do things like we do, we…

prıcey or prıceless

a whıle back ı sat watchıng thıs beautıful nature vıew of sunrıse and ıt really got me thınkıng..ı felt blessed just to be able to have eyes to watch the amazıng wonder of nature…and ı asked myself…what gıves you the “ı am blessed” feelıng? Grace? ın thıs socıal medıa crazed generatıon, ıf you don’t show … More prıcey or prıceless

Lıght A Candle

To the plain eyes this is a mere candle… perhaps merely for decor or perhaps to infuse a romantic feeling … but to me, a lit candle symbolises more than this … it symbolises hope and Courage … new beginnings … Many times we are knocked down by life’s happenings that render us hopeless and … More Lıght A Candle