Me – People = ME


Weird. Peculiar. Strange. These are some of the words that we usually use for people who are not like us or we don’t like. When there is this one girl in your class who is always separate from the others and is silent or doesn’t do things like we do, we prefer to term them ‘weird’ and try not to make the effort of making her our friend. We either try to give her rude comments or if you’re a little nice, just try to ignore them. But, here is where we make a mistake, or actually, a lot of mistakes. One, we term them ‘weird’ only because they don’t do things the way we do, but actually they are just not following the herd of sheep. They are different, not weird. They are unique, not strange. Second, we sometimes start calling them names to their face and act rude…

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4 thoughts on “Me – People = ME

  1. In highschool ,in my class there was such girl ””””” {I will not write here name here}. She was realy nice ,had good grades, she was inteligent, but…not pretty and very calm. In my class were olny girls, in that year exams girls passed better then boys I gues hehe, we were only one such class in history of the city. Just 32 girls.. (that was biologically-chemical profile of class, I don’t know if you have something like that in USA ). ok,,, lets back to ”””””’. Girls made fun of her every day. That wasn’t anything agressive ,but litlle stupid jokes, laught on her from time to time but never in a the back, but she knew how it was. I didnt do that. I liked her. She was polite and always helpfull. I dont get it why she became the target.

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