long dıstance relatıonshıps

What is a long distance relationship?This is an intimate (emotionally or physically or both)between 2 partners who are geographically  separated from each other

” I wonder why people still underestimate the authenticity of long distance relationships.

I fell inlove with his soul before I could even touch his skin.if that isn’t true love,then please tell me what is..”

Long distance relationships are hard but as such,they are also incredible.if you can love someone from miles apart,if you can trust someone who you dont see for days and months and only have to go by what they tell you..if you can support someone who is apart from you not knowing 100% what they are upto ,then you love birds will be unstoppable once you are physically together.

There are moments when it will feel like a “mini” hell….when it’s Valentine’s day or an anniversary and u wish to have your loved one by you and enjoy that candle lit dinner,to hold their hand ,look in their eyes as you remind them how special they are..

On thanks giving or Christmas when loved ones are together cherishing these special holidays.u wish that special person was with you..

When you have had a bad day or week and the weekend seems empty without that special person to nature you like they only know how to….when tragedy strikes and that special person is not there by your side…these are some of the moments that make you connect with emptiness..you feel like loneliness is a fiend that sticks around even when you are not in the mood for This type of visitor..

Nonetheless,just knowing there is that someone who genuinely cares ,who would drop everything to be by your side if need be,who  is a phone call away ,is a way greater ,comforting feeling than the emptiness of having someone by your side everyday of your life yet feeling utterly alone.

They say being alone is not Screenshot_20171126-175230.jpg life’s greatest tragedy..being with someone yet ,feeling alone is..

As hard as it is sometimes,It’s exciting as well..when you are apart ,you have the time and space to work and build your own personal life,you give each other the ear to talk through all the struggles and hard feelings because a phone call is all you have..

At the end of the day,you are enthusiastic to tell each other what your day was like,what new exciting things you have going on..or what isnt going on..sending pictures when u get that new hair cut ….the feeling you get when are on your way to the airport to him or herScreenshot_20171126-175308.jpg

When you haven’t seen each other a while..you wanna look good for the other person.you don’t get complacent as people get when there are living together a while.. you want them to see u in your most attractive element..

You are excited for those datenights…that movie you missed out on…you savour “close” moments any way you can, even if it means  soaking in the tub…..long nights catching up with that bottle of wine..just simple things that you would take for granted if you were in each other’s space 24/7

I conclude to say,long distance can not work if you do not make time for each other..and always remember you are together because you saw something in each other that you didn’t see in others who are in the same geographical location as you..therefore..he /she is worth the wait!!!



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