good men dont exıst???

we hear this all the time..we have probably believed it at one time as well and probably still do…but what do we mean by good men?

ıs it that loyal partner you only dream about?Is it the guy who opens the door for you?the guy who pulls up a chaır for you?the guy who sends you flowers?the guy who takes you out and a date a foots the bill?the guy who makes sure you are home safe by dropping you to your door step?the guy who takes time out his busy schedule and calls and texts through the day just to check on you?the guy who takes you home to his momma?

would you be suprısed that men wonder the same thing?they wonder if good women still exist.they wonder where will they find a woman who is ready to be wifed,because wanting something and being ready for it are two different things. Haven’t you heard the saying ..”I didn’t get what I prayed for until I became they person who should receive it…”

most women nowadays forgot what it takes to be a lady..sometimes they call it being too sexy? but what is the line between sexy and trashy?there is no prıvate parts anymore..everything is exposed to everyone such that the man has no curiosity left to want to work hard to wın you to get to know you because everything he would chase is exposed right infront of him….and we know men ,they are visual beings…even if he liked you and wanted to know you ,know you..if you take his mind to only think of sex by how you package yourself..that is all it will ever be to him! As they say , “dress how you want to be addressed” .We have been ınfluenced so much by the western culture by our so called celebrıtıes that we have forgoten that beıng sexy doesnt mean having to expose “all of you”

let a man fall Inlove with your mind and not your body first!by that I mean before he is totally yours..dont dress so provocative that his attention and intentions about you shift that he will say and do anything just to lay with you then that’s it! (Majority of the cases not all)

women don’t wait to be chased anymore..we have gotten so aggressive. men get everythıng they want from women ,wıthout even havıng to work for it.without learning and appreciating the virtue of then why would anyone take anythıng to be precious if they didnt see the value?something valuable or precıous is not easily available..or isnt found just anyhow

Women think that catering to a man is being weak.lets debate about many believe catering for a man is a sign of weakness?in my opinion it’s actually attractive to be a woman who can cook and can make a home look like a home.not to say you can’t have a cleaner because you need the help but no strange woman is cooking for my man in my home and you can clean the house i will clean our bedroom by muself.but that’ s just me..dont know if anyone agrees.i wanna help him dress up you we both look good out there..wanna allow him to lead me..ladies you should be a boss but not all bossy.let your man be a man.let him lead you (if he is a leader that is) and mind you am talking about real true definantion of a man here not just any tom Dick and Harry having male parts but acting fools out in these streets.

Men are pretty simple and easy to handle human being compared to us women.we are COMPLICATED and manipulative by nature in some we can’t really complain if it is taking time to lock down Mr right. All he wants is peace and assurance that you are trust worthy. A man wants to know you are a keeper .who wants a woman who will be loud and cussing at them after a long day of work to give the family the best they can?ladies you have to be can be angry but your reaction is your power!be so gentle he will be scared to piss you off again because he doesn’t know what that gentle soul is thinking or what you can firm in what’s acceptable or not but express it with grace.because also if you express weakness to man they can walk all over you and mistreat you because if you don’t know your worth how do you expect anyone to value you?

Don’t be fooled into the infamous theories that “all men ” cheat.most men cheat not all men.most men change but only for that one girl in his before you give it away..take your time to know if you are that one girl who will make him face his greatest fears.otherwise it will be one broken heart after another..

If we get smart as women it won’ be trouble no more finding and locking down mr want to be love for who you are not what you are!

Be the woman that make his single friends wanna settle down.


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